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As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of living with psoriasis for more than 14 years, I feel deeply connected to portraying skin conditions.

When I discovered Megan's profile online I was instantly captivated by her authenticity and confidence. This painting is a tribute to psoriasis and celebrates Megan's unique beauty.

I am offering a limited edition print of this painting available below.


Growing up both my parents had psoriasis. So visually I understood it. When I started getting patches in my early twenties I knew what it was straight away. 

I was very lucky that for years mine was very small non itchy patches that came and went with ease. The most I ever needed was a cream. As my health declined over the years it has gotten much worse and I now understand it completely. I know the pain, the itching, the blistering, the cracked skin, the blood, the embarrassment and all the other ways it attacks. 

I am currently in the worst psoriasis flare up I’ve had for a while and after years of living with it I can say that it is so so much more than what you can see on the surface. 

I love this work because it brings psoriasis to the foreground. By giving it texture and a presence it becomes more than just the surface.

Written By Megan Harvi

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